Thursday, August 11, 2011

Share Your View: Frame within a Frame (2nd edition)

Pitcher by Dorian Susan

I approached picking photos for this post with excitement this morning. You see, I've chosen "easing" over "jumping" back into things this week, and I hadn't looked at any of the Exploring with a Camera: Frame within a Frame shots yet! It was so fun to go through the pool and see how you all were using frames within a frame. 

Today I'm sharing a few I enjoyed so far, and I'll be commenting on those linked in so far over the next couple of days. You still have almost a week to study this concept in your archives and with your camera, and then come back to link in below and share your images in the Flickr pool. Have fun!

Llanberis by carolynphillipsuk

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  1. Oooh, excited to see one of mine there - glad you liked it, thanks.

  2. Which reminds me that I also wanted to watch out for frames... good thing that the link is still open...

  3. Hiys Kat,
    I wonder if you would think this sufficiently on topic. My thinking often seems slightly out of step :-)

  4. First time joining the party. I hope I got the concept. I do love that pitcher shot.


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