Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playing with Night

Since we're exploring Night Photography right now, I had a couple of photos from my recent trip to Venice open to edit. Usually for night photos I do very little editing - cropping and a tiny bit of levels adjustment. I like the light of night as is. Looking at this one though, I started to see some "vintage" opportunities. There is just so much going on here, the store windows, the alleyway, the signs... not to mention the interesting light -- it's very well illuminated for night. I played around with some conversions and really like this one using Pioneer Woman's Heartland action. Couldn't this be from the 60's? With the exception of a couple of modern details, I bet it could. I liked the photo before, I love, love, love it now.

It's so much fun to do this type of play! I hope you are out exploring with your camera this weekend, staying up late and catching the night light. Maybe playing around with some edits, to see what happens. It's all fun! Tomorrow the Night Photography Camera Companion will be sent in my newsletter too - yay! I'm so excited to send this, and I hope it helps you get some great night shots. Keep exploring the night!

PS - If you don't know what a Camera Companion is, you can visit this post or sign up for the newsletter here - you'll get the Basic Composition Camera Companion as a gift for signing up.


  1. I love this photo and yes it does transport you back in time!!

  2. This does have a vintage feel and the window reflections hold much interest.


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