Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Answer

So, what's your guess for today? USA or Europe? Just kidding, I won't drag you through another day of suspense!

Today's image is from Carbondale, Colorado.

Yesterday's image was from Old Colorado City, Colorado. Old Colorado City is the historic part of Colorado Springs.

Monday's image was from Burano, Italy.

What do you take away from this little exercise?


  1. I take that I don't know nuttin'.

    Not really. I take that when one creates a photograph, you're creating a mood-by cropping or framing-an image can have a flavor or quality, one that's totally differnet from the reality of the locale. People accuse realtors of doing that all the time.
    I like today's shot too.

  2. That there is beauty to be found everywhere! But also that there really is a New World/Old World difference sometimes, even if it's subtle and almost indefinable. It's as if the air itself is somehow visibly different.

    Also that I should go with my instincts. Once I decided you weren't trying to trick us, I got them both right. And I guessed today's as well, in spite of the ancient-looking urn.

  3. what Susan said. oh, and that I answered correctly. :)

  4. I take away that beauty is everywhere! :-)

  5. We all love flowers! Also, of course, if you've been to Italy, but never Colorado (or indeed any other part of the US), you're more likely to guess Italy.

    Right now I'm remembering Lake Garda!

  6. lovely shots kat. beauty and flowers are everywhere! :)

  7. it reminds me that you "can't judge a book by it's cover"... we had mixed ideas about where the pictures were shot, yet, similar flowers are likely to be found anywhere! and to be open to "seeing" the beauty everywhere!

  8. Definitely what Susan said!
    What a fun exercise Kat!


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