Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year-end Reflection

The end of the year, time for a moment of reflection. This picture of Brandon at Castello San Sebastiano da Po makes me think of a moment of quiet. A peaceful moment, paused in the busy-ness that is an 8 year old and the busy-ness of our everyday lives.

This morning I was reflecting in my journal that, while it is always surprising to reach the end of the year and realize a new one is upon us already, this year didn't seem to fly by. If I think back to where I was a year ago, it was a very different place both geographically and personally. It seems like many years ago. I am happy to say that, a year later, I am a different person. A happier person. Much more me than ever before.

So, with that note, I hope that you all have had a wonderful 2009, and take a moment to reflect on what it brought you. And I'm wishing you a fun New Year's Eve and a fabulous 2010! Ciao!

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