Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Complementary Color

This picture has been popping up in my brain a lot to post, so I figure I just need to get it up here! This is from the back streets of Burano, one of the islands that is part of Venice, my favorite island of the ones I've visited. It's all about the color here. The identical houses are all painted different bright colors, so that the fisherman could find their way home from a distance as they were coming in from the sea.

The color is fantastic. I like this photo because of the way the complementary color scheme just brings the eye right to the focal point of the laundry. It's a sneak peek into the back streets and the every day lives of the people who live on this little island. I think they actually color coordinate the laundry they hang out, so that it is visually appealing.

I hope to someday see Burano in the sun. My two visits so far have been on overcast days and I just want to see the difference the sun makes. Someday...

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  1. I have a photo of the exact same street view in Burano. How funny is that.


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