Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quiet Night

This photo is one of my favorites from our first trip to Venice. A quiet evening along the canal, the day wrapping up. The boat is parked and the family is all snug inside the house. The light is welcoming, the reflections bring a sense of calm and peace to the evening.

This evening shot appeals to me at the moment, with its inviting warmth. I would love to curl up and go to sleep under a lovely warm comforter with a purring cat, but it's 9:30am and I have a normal day ahead of me. The adjustment back to Italy time has been rough this trip, I think it's more difficult going this direction. Either that or I just don't have as much craziness to keep me going all day long. But, about 12 hours from now, that comforter has my name written all over it...


  1. This is my screen saver at work - This picture can win awards in any contest!! If we ever make it over there, youll have to take us to this spot!

  2. What a lovely, inviting, calm image.

  3. This is a very lovely and warm image...


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