Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black & White

I'm feeling black and white, after more snow photos that just called out to be converted to black and white yesterday. So I decided to change my blog design to match my mood! There are bonus photos today, because I couldn't decide which one of these to post. Yesterday, after the snow, we went for a walk in Parco di Monza and these were my favorites.

One of the fun things about Parco di Monza is that in some places, the trees were planted with such a perfect symmetry. It's unnatural nature, and works in a photo like this.
I can't decide which of these next two I like best, they each give a different feel. I like that they both give a better idea of how big these trees are, relative to the people! Which one do you like best?
I like the different elements in this one, near, far, random, ordered...
My new favorite of Patrick and Brandon, my snow men!


  1. They are all lovely, Kat, but I like #! and #3 the best---of course the one with Patrick and Brandon is the real keeper!

  2. These are all awesome! I almost can't believe how tall those trees are.

  3. that second shot is SO wonderfully dramatic. love it in b&w! thanks for sharing these on SS today


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