Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Red Scooter

I'm home! This morning (night, depending on your time zone!) I flew through Amsterdam on my way home to Italy, so I decided to post this picture from Amsterdam. This is one of the images I created to decorate our living room. I love the red scooter! A line of scooters parked is sooooo European. Everywhere here, nowhere in the US (at least that I've seen, maybe someone from the big city can enlighten me). I want a scooter now. A red or orange or pink one. But I'll probably just settle for taking pictures of them!

Now that I'm back in Italy I'll get back up to speed on my photo a day. I was just waaaaaay too social in Corvallis! Almost every minute was scheduled between work and shopping and visits with friends. It was a ton of fun! More to come on thoughts about the visit when I'm lucid. Right now I just want to crawl into bed...

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