Monday, September 12, 2011

What were you made for?

Oh, color. Bright and varied color. Deliciously vibrant color. How I love color. It fills me with such happiness to find an image such as this, among the peppers at the Farmer's Market. I think this beautiful pile of peppers was made for me, or maybe I was made for it.

I was reading a guest post by Megan Eckman on the Scoutie Girl blog this morning, where she says, "I believe that if you truly love doing something, you were definitely designed to do it, and thus you're as 'real' as can be!" She was speaking in the context of whether or not she is a "real" artist, but I love the idea of being designed to do something. I want to play with that concept a bit...

Am I designed to see and capture vibrant color? Yes. I find it everywhere.
Am I designed to be inspired by beautiful details wherever I go? Absolutely, no matter the place, I find the details that make it unique.
Am I designed to bridge the gap? Maybe. Your comments on Friday's post have me thinking hard.
Am I designed to help others find their own unique vision? I think so.

As we finished up the July-August Find Your Eye series this week, it was a good opportunity for me to take a look at the bigger picture around these classes. I look back and see a wonderful journey the participants and I traveled together in the last six weeks. I discovered I don't see myself as a "teacher" imparting knowledge from some place on high. I merely share some ideas from my own journey and step back and watch where each participant chooses to go. I learn with them, I grow with them. I see what they were made for, their unique vision of the world as it is revealed to them from somewhere deep inside. Wow. I am part guide, part witness. It has been an absolute honor to be in this position. Even better, to see the connections made between the participants, as we share the journey together.

A year ago, while I was first writing the Find Your Eye course, I was explaining the concept to my sister. She jokingly made the comment, "Trust you to get all cerebral about photography!" You see, she knows through our long history together that I'm an inquisitive thinker. I like to understand the "why" behind things that matter to me. I'm also a goal-setter, a planner and a doer, so if I set my mind to do something, I find a way to get it done. Another key trait I've always had, but only recently recognized, is that of enthusiastic sharer. If I love something, it bursts out of me and in my enthusiasm I have to share it with others. I seem to channel that enthusiasm for different interests into teaching in some way. I clearly see all this as I look back on my personal journey.

Am I designed to help others find their own unique vision? Hell, yes. I was made for this. 

What were you made for? What is your unique point of view? If you want to find out, we can do it together. There is another guided journey starting shortly, as the fall Find Your Eye series starts September 25. I would love to bear witness to your journey too.  


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  1. The colour of those capsicums completely caught my eye over at Creative Exchange - wow! I love having strips of red, green and yellow capsicum in salads.

  2. I have to ne honest! This is the first time I see a purple pepper! Colors! They make a perfect picture!

  3. Your post is so very interesting.
    I have a feeling that I too am and will be for sometime doing what I do .
    I dont think I have been by before and so glad I came over from the Exchange.

  4. Oh I am loving all those colorful peppers, yummy!

  5. I have never seen so many different types of peppers!

  6. As one of your FYE students, I am so very grateful that you were "designed to help others find their own unique vision".

  7. You were absolutely made for it.

    I love that I can see the two parts of your personality (engineer and artist) in everything you do. Some may say those two sides are opposites - you prove that isn't true.

  8. What a striking photo! Yes, you were made to do what you're doing now. :):)

    I think I was made for doing a variety of small things with great love. ;)

  9. Yes, i think you were designed to help others to find their unique vision! I really enjoyed the course, Thank you.

  10. Somehow Kat, it seems like you're right where you're supposed to be. Your photo of colorful peppers is beautiful. I have admired your images since finding your site and am happy to get all "celebral" in my photography whether or not your sister is right with that moniker.
    Where am I supposed to be, what am I made for? Yah. For me that's the million dollar question. I know what I'm not made for and as soon as I can figure out what I AM made for, I'm outta here. Thanks for all you do in helping other find their unique vision.

  11. Great capture, Kat! Love the rich, vibrant colors - they remind me of all the Autumn color that will be upon us soon!!! You have a wonderful combo of an artist's creative mind and the engineer's analytical intellect. These come together perfectly in the role of a teacher!

  12. I was made to Take it to the streets. Street photography, whether of families or strangers. Shot a few this weekend, and again, know this is what I was born to do!

  13. "Cerebral" is probably the last word I'd think of in relation to your photography e-courses, Kat. Yes, you made me think, but it wasn't "head" thinking. It was the sort of thinking that taps into heart and soul. You helped me see myself as an artist and find connections with kindred spirits. I've loved your classes and can't wait for the next one!

    Oh, yeah, the peppers are pretty cool, too. ;-)

  14. Oh yes! That's it. If you are doing what you were made for you are real. I so enjoy your posts and am looking forward to signing up for one of your courses very soon.

  15. This is a wonderful post Kat, and as I finished reading it, I for some reason thought to myself, we are designed to be, if we believe we are designed to be. I like that, and I thank you for the realization! :-)

    Thank you too for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange. Your words and photographs are always so perfect for it.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  16. Love all the peppers! Great arrangement!

  17. How luscious this is - not the peppers - the color!

  18. I am so glad that you are an inquisitive thinker and an enthusiastic sharer!


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