Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Distractions: Eliminated

I have you.
I have you. by Eskimo Kiss Photography

The focus on the Process of Elimination in the latest Exploring with a Camera has been fantastic. I have enjoyed seeing the wonderful effects of framing, cropping and cleaning in the images shared by you all! Today I've featured a couple of dramatically different subjects, yet both images stand out for the beauty that is highlighted when distraction are eliminated. Please visit the links below and the Flickr pool to see more from participants.

In my own photography and life, the focus of this exploration has been wonderful as well. In my images, I've notice how much I use the process of elimination at the time of capture, which represents real growth for me.  It's been fun to consciously note this change in my own process. In life, I've drastically pared down and am focusing on the elements that are the most important to me. I have too many ideas and things I want to do, and I have had to make some choices. Clarity and focus on the highest priorities has been great.

As ever, my photography teaches me much about life. I love this about art! And what will we all be taught next, in tomorrow's new Exploring with a Camera? Come on by to find out! I can't wait to share.

Urban Art
Urban Art by kathywinter


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  1. Wow, you really made my day! Thank you.

  2. I really would like to take your fall class, but it starts while my sister and her family will be visiting us and I just won't have the time.

    however, I want you to know I have really been focusing on the process of elimination and i have LOVED several of the things i have been able to capture over the past several days.

  3. loved this article and the effects of composing with elimination and focus in mind are wonderful! I was taught to shoot full frame and you've reminded me the reason this is so valuable a technique.

  4. You've selected gorgeous examples of this technique. The top image is especially filled with story and mood. No that my guest of 2 weeks has left, I hope to be more focused (pardon the pun) on tomrrow's EWAC...I can try this one anytime too.


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