Saturday, September 10, 2011

From Where I Stand

I didn't actually intend to blog today, I was kinda thinking of taking the weekend off, pondering how to bridge the gap. Then I took this cute picture to celebrate my first time going for a bike ride in a skirt, and I had to share. I've wanted to ride in skirt for quite a while, since seeing all of those European women riding around in their skirts so casually. No spandex there! The feet point of view is inspired by this week's Picture Inspiration prompt and fellow Mortal Muse Holly (aka Soupatraveler), who takes these cute "where I stand" pictures every day. You can join in too, visit the Flickr group from where i stand or tweet with hashtag #fromwhereistand.

Where do you stand today?


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  1. Very cute..and a great and different it.

  2. what a sweet and whimsical shot kat! i take way too many photos of my feet :) hope you enjoyed your bike ride in a skirt, how fun.

  3. I think it is too windy up here to bike in a skirt--LOL! Seems very posh, tho. Cute photo. :)

  4. I just love that you went for a ride in a skirt.. Your shot is awesome...

    Hugs, Linda

  5. this is such a cute photo - it makes me smile. so thanks for that. the last time I rode my bike in a skirt it blew up and practically blinded me, but it made me laugh! where do I stand today you ask? I don't, I sit, and that feels fine! happy day to you Kat.

  6. Looking through my summer photos tonight I was surprized at how many pics of my feet I take:) Love this one!


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