Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Postal Mystery

Here we have a row of one of my recent fascinations, newspaper boxes. Some empty and abandoned, others and in use. All in a neat row outside of our town's post office. I loved the light coming along the wall, pointing to the row of these colorful boxes.

An appropriate photo to go along with the news of today's postal mystery.  Let me set the stage...

The Liberate your Art postcard swap had just finished up, and I was contacted by my online friend Elizabeth, from Puerto Rico.

"Kat, I never received any postcards. Did you get mine?"

"I've sent out everything I received! I don't remember if I got yours or not. If you didn't get anything, I probably didn't receive your cards. I'm so sorry!"

An unsatisfying ending. Until...

Yesterday. The postcards she sent to me in July for the swap arrived in the mail yesterday. Over two months after she had sent them.

So I have 5 cheerful postcards that Elizabeth liberated into the world two months ago, now looking for a home! I would like to get some postcards back to Elizabeth too, so if you would like to send Elizabeth one of your postcards, I will send you one of hers. You don't have to have been a participant in the Liberate your Art postcard swap to do this. Email me kat [at] kateyestudio [dot] com with your interest and I will send you the details. The first five to respond are in!

One last participant. A postal mystery that will never be resolved. All I need is a few generous readers to help make Elizabeth's swap happen! Can you help?


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  1. I reckon these boxes have just been beamed down from that new planet they found recently - the one with the two suns :-)

  2. those newspaper boxes look like little robots!

  3. Just a bit slow here, but am just seeing things about postcard swaps for the first time. Where do you get your postcards made???? and how do you get involved in doing a swap. sounds like so much fun. Would love to hear more about this. Thanks so much! Jeanne http://thebutterflymetamorphosis.blogspot.com.

  4. I'd be happy to swap with Elizabeth - hopefully the mail will be a bit faster going that direction!

  5. This summer I fixed up my bike...a sit up straight touring bike...basket and all...but I haven't used it as much as I would like to. I think what I need is a place to go to too:)


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