Monday, January 17, 2011

A Store for Joy

New Year's Day has got to be one of the most quiet days in any European city. Here is a shopping district in Madrid, midday on the first of January. Wow. Great for my street photography, since I like these empty places, but a bit surreal. The only people we saw wandering around the city on this day were other tourists.

This sign caught my eye - notice it says "Joyeria." In Italy, many store descriptions end in "-eria." Gelateria, pizzeria, cartoleria to name a few. I know that "joyeria" in this case means jewelry store (gioielleria in Italian), but I loved the idea of a store for joy. If you're a little short on joy, having a bad day, you can stop in and get a boost. Maybe find the perfect gift for a friend going through a rough patch. Kind of a fun idea, don't you think? What would your Joyeria have for sale?

Today I also want to give a quick shout out for the Creative Every Day 2011 Challenge. This is a low pressure, open ended challenge for any type of art and creativity. There are monthly themes, but they are totally optional. I love the idea behind it - it's not about having some BIG CREATIVE GOAL, it's about just being creative every day in some way. For me, that could be taking a photo, or writing a blog post, or reviewing old photos. There is a link up every Monday and you will find artists of all kinds participating - writers, photographers, painters, paper crafters, poets, musicians. I have found many interesting blogs and people through participating last year, and am continuing this year. I thought you all might find it interesting too.


  1. A story for joy. What a wonderful idea indeed. It reminds me of the movie 'chocolat' in which they have chocolate for every situation. Some a bit spicy to give sparkle to a marriage, some warm and luscious to cure a lonely heart.

    I'm not sure what I would want to get if I came into that store, but I definitely would like to work in there. Wouldn't that be the most rewarding work ever?

  2. My joy store...would start with smell and visual. Entry would put an instant smile on your face. In an instant, you would let go and refresh. What a concept Miss K! Must find and frequent a brick and mortar store that would give a bit of that kind of joy. May you find some for yourself today, thank you.

  3. My Joyeria would sell beautiful papers and journals and fountain pens and inks of every colour. It would sell the best hot chocolate in the world and a mean espresso too with biscotti to dunk. It would sell delicate lace and ribbons. It would sell delicate watercolour postcards that would be a joy to send to people. I'm sure it would sell lots of other lovely things but this is enough for now as I'm beginning to dribble :-)

  4. I love this shot and a great story. I will check out the creative every day too.

  5. I loooove the idea of a joy store... fabulous.


  6. I want to visit a joy store - how awesome would that be.

  7. My mind is racing with all the things I'd put into my store, what a sweet question to get our minds thinking about something wonderful like that.

  8. I speak Spanish and I never thought of the joy store connection with joyeria...isn't that weird?
    I love your idea of having such aa store -- mine would have bubbling fountains, French pastries, and massages. :)
    p.s. I started blogging after joining Creative Every Day over two years ago. Wonderful site!

  9. Joyeria--love that word!! Mine would be so packed full of things you could hardly walk the aisles--hehe!

    I'm in Creative Every Day, too. Same thing--even if it isn't a particular art or craft project--just doing something creative for the soul each day.

  10. My joyeteria would be like a combination of excellent café and art gallery, with amazing artwork and photographs on every wall, good latté's and sweet treats, magazines and books to share.

  11. Joyeria, how perfect!! :-)

    And I'm so glad you've enjoyed CED!


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