Friday, January 14, 2011

A Scene from the City

A scene from Madrid, shot from the top of a City Sightseeing bus. We like riding these sightseeing busses, we get a little bit of history with the audio commentary and see parts of the city we wouldn't otherwise see on foot. We aren't stuck on them all day, since we can get off and on anytime we want. They are the best when the weather is nice and you can sit on the open top for a really good view. We first rode one at Brandon's request but now we all agree on riding them when time is available and the weather cooperates.

Even though these busses are fun, but they make taking photographs challenging. With the movement and angle and obstructions of people and bars and whatever is on the street, I rarely get a good photo. But today, I found a good one. There are so many things I like about today's photograph - the clear focus on the sign and the woman coming out of the metro compared to the out of focus crowd. The odd angle and blurring show spontaneity and motion. There are also many elements of place in this photo - the clearly readable metro sign, the streetlight, taxi sign, and crowd at the crosswalk. Add in the graffiti, buildings and sidewalk in the background. They all scream "city." And not just any city, but big city, European city and probably even Spanish city if you recognize the language.

Do you get all of that from the photograph too? Or am I just adding the context I have in my head? I'd be interested to know what this photograph says to you.


  1. I really like this shot, I love street shots as there is always so much to take in and I definitely get all that you write about in this shot. I am so behind in your course, I have read everything, just haven't posted anything!

  2. I love it - so much more interesting because you are above the scene.

  3. You're right. This photo could be nowhere other than a big city and the red of the Metro sign is beautifully complemented by the washed out turquoise in the background. I think 'Plaza de Espana' is a bit of a give-away to the country, otherwise it could easily be Paris or any other city that has a Metro.

  4. Nice street shot... definitely could only be a city in Spain!

  5. I love the vista looking down! I think street shots are so difficult to get right, but this one really works. I was almost beheaded when we rode a double decker tourist bus in Zacatecas Mexico...I was so busy taking photos that I stood up for a moment and almost got caught in the overhead electric wires. My husband pulled me down at the last moment...whew! Now I'm much more cautious.

  6. I love that it reminds me of when I am a tourist visiting somewhere. Other photos of a place don't have that same feel but this one has the perspective of when I'm riding in on a bus or train, not a part of the city but just arriving as a guest. Those people belong, and I do not.

  7. Happy Delurking Day! Although I am doing "Find Your Eye", I have to confess to lurking on your site for many months! So, to celebrate Delurking Day, I want to say "Thanks!" I love your photography and your blogs and hope to become a better photographer by learning from you. My url is:

  8. To me, it is a shot about the Big Picture. More of a place where it is not about details, but the hustle and bustle of life, How we move collectively, not our seperate ways. Good shot Miss K!

  9. From my perspective -

    Clear contrast static/life.
    Pedestrians heading where?
    Busy lady loaded with objects, for what purpose?
    People in conversation, what are they saying?
    Trusting children taking the lead from adults?

    Static Stage - life's stories?

    Love Sue x


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