Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Room with a View

Our hotel in Madrid was in a wonderful location, right on Gran Via and a block from the Callao subway stop. Not only was the location great, but we had a wonderful view. We were right on the corner of the building with a wraparound balcony. How cool is that? I loved being able to capture this bustling street at night, from above. Car lights, holiday lights, store lights. Night is when this town comes alive. The streets are crowded, the stores are open late, and the restaurants are hopping. Restaurants don't even open until 8:30pm for dinner. And we thought things started late in Italy!

Staying up late is not my normal mode of operation, although I've stretched from turning into a pumpkin at 10pm to around midnight since we've moved to Italy. My work schedule, and the culture, required a shift. It's been good for me, seeing more of the world at night. I would have completely missed out on the energy and light at night without this experience. I'm so grateful!


  1. I am also loving the night. It is quiet and you don't feel bad that you are not doing a, b or c. I love editing photos are night.
    Have been a morning person for most of my life, more change that I never would have embraced but am so glad I did. Happy creating Miss K!

  2. Always been a lover of the night. The best time for solitary, quiet activities like reading, crafting, writing, painting...and, yes, you don't feel badly that you're not cleaning or running errands or tending to someone else's needs. ;)

    What a great shot!

  3. What a great photo! There's so much to see and it really gives the flavour of a bustling city at night.

  4. 20 years ago we were in Spain and I do remember that... I was better able to handle it then than I would be now I'm afraid. True confessions - can't remember the last time I've seen the new year come in. I know, sad.... I'm an early riser, what can I say?? Anyway, glad that you were able to enjoy the night lights. Great shot!!

  5. Wonderful photo! It reminds me of when I was an exchange student in France, having to learn a whole new clock.

  6. I'm a morning person as well and it's taken me a while to get used to the late hours in Berlin - I think they're nothing like Italy or Spain, but still later than what I'm used to, especially on the weekends when not even the markets bother to open until 10am.


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