Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reading the World Book

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. 
– St. Augustine

We arrived home late last night (early this morning, actually) from our week long trip to Madrid, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal. I must say this every time I get back from a trip to a new place, but my head is swirling! It is filled with new foods and experiences and sights and ideas. In the first moments home, the first blog post after I return, it is almost overwhelming to figure out where to start with images and writing. 2111 images captured. 3 major art museums, 4 additional art exhibits, so many historic and cultural sights, countless hours wandering. I sometimes feel like I've been cramming for a final with all of this travel. Reading as many pages in St. Augustine's world book as I can before we move home in July.

Today I'm starting with the beginning of the trip, because it's the best place to start while all of my images download to the computer. A little taste of tapas, a glimpse of the wonderful bar food from Madrid. Doesn't it look yummy? Well, maybe not for breakfast (if you are reading this in the morning) but I can assure you that it was very yummy! Add a glass of Sangria, and you just might have a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

So, with that I'm back. A few more places visited, a few more flavors sampled, a few more pages of the world book read. It will be fun to sort out my swirling experiences in the next couple of weeks, and see what I find.


  1. Mmmm. I love tapas. These olives look wonderful whatever the time of day. So glad you enjoyed your trip and can't wait to see more of your photos.

  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant trip! Can't wait to see and hear more about it.

  3. Soak in these last few months, my friend. Ehjoy every Moment. Relive the time with your son, check in down the Road to see what he remembers. Prayin gfor your re-entry to the states and how that will look for you and your family. Happy Homecoming Miss K!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Can't wait for pictures and tales. :)

  5. You are so blessed, travel is one of my great desires...hope to travel out of the "States" one day.


  6. How wonderful! I haven't been to Spain, and it is on the "to-do" list :-)

    Also, your postcards arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much - they are just gorgeous!!

    Just wondering where you had them printed too? They were such lovely quality.

  7. travel is a top priority... learning to use my camera to "better" capture the sights & stories of our travels is another!
    love the tapas... I must admit - they didn't look as appetizing over breakfast (cottage cheese w/purple grapes & a smattering of slivered almonds)... but, as I write this (later in the evening) ummmmm... would like a nice, cold beer & a few quick bites.


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