Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Traveling in January means you might have bad weather, and it was a bit grey on our trip. On one of the days threatening rain in Lisbon we visited the Oceanário de Lisboa (Lisbon Aquarium). It was a very nice aquarium, said to be the largest in Europe and the first to have exhibits of all the world oceans. It is always so interesting to get to see these unusual creatures up close and personal. I especially love the tiny frogs of various colors, like these hidden in the plant. I almost missed them in the exhibit until I looked closer.

We like to visit aquariums as we travel. Brandon has never been a "zoo" kid but he's always liked aquariums. We were spoiled in Oregon, with the Oregon Coast Aquarium being less than an hour away. When Brandon was little, we had a membership and would just pop over for an hour or two to wander the exhibits. We would watch whatever he was interested in at the moment, even if it was just the wave pool.

There is something peaceful about watching these animals of the sea. It takes you away from the lights and noises and hustle and bustle of our world, to a calm blue-green place. I could photograph them for hours, trying to get the perfect shot. Unfortunately, Brandon doesn't have that kind of patience. :) Traveling with a child, you learn to shoot fast and keep moving, relishing the moments you have.

Visit me at Mortal Muses for another aquarium shot today, of the cutest sea otters ever!


  1. Oh, I love this picture of the frog peeking out of the plant! Zoos are such fun. If they are good ones that give the animals a lot of room and habitat. We have a nice one in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sounds like a great time! :)

  2. With 3 GK, the idea of not shooting fast is foreign to me. I have relished taking photos of senior and now that the kids are getting older, it may or may not be getting easier.
    When you get back to the states, it will be interesting to see what B remembers/wants to do. It will likte a whole new world to all of you but especially him. Happy Day Miss K!

  3. That is so CUTE! I didn't see it either until you mentioned it. I'd have wanted to pop him in my pocket and take him home! Which of course is wrong. And no one should do. But still. :)

  4. Aquariums are one of my absolutely favorite places to visit, but then again I love everything water related, especially sea and all creatures sea-related :0)

  5. I love aquariums - they always seems so peaceful


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