Monday, June 14, 2010

In Motion

Go Lance, Go! Lance Armstrong riding by in the time trial of the Tour of Switzerland.

We spent the weekend in Lugano, Switzerland to watch the Prologue of the Tour de Suisse bicycle race and explore the area a little bit. Patrick got to see lots of cyclists he follows, Brandon got some autographs and I got to play around with photographing cyclists in motion. It was fun to do something out of the ordinary and explore the settings on my camera. Everytime I do something like this, I learn more.

Below is Fabian Cancellara, last years champion and this years time trial winner. I think the cameramen on the back of the motorcycles are awesome! Imagine riding around like that!

I have no clue who these riders are, but I love the look of intensity on their faces.

I have some pics from other locations on the course, but this was my favorite spot to photograph. No distracting background and on a hill so they were slowing down. I won't bore you with the gazillions of photos I have that are similar, but if you have a favorite rider or team and want a pic let me know the team name and I can email the ones I have of that team. Patrick will have more on his blog too!


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  2. Hi, Kat! Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Oh, when will you be in Slovenia? That would be great to meet! - I'm excited laready Yoohoo :)! (Please, e-mail me for details.)


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