Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hard and Soft Edges

A wrought iron handrail in La Pedrera, aka Casa Mila, another building by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona is a great example of soft edges. The handrail could be all straight lines, right angles, functional, forgettable. But it's not, it's art - part of the decoration, the feel of the place. It's beautiful. I never thought much on wrought iron before living here in Europe, but now I've seen so much beautiful and functional wrought iron work I respect it as it's own art form.

In another forum, I had someone comment on the contrast I was seeing in my Barcelona photos. She put it as hard vs. soft edges. I hadn't even noticed that before, the contrast that I had noticed in Barcelona was the old vs. new, modern vs. classic, but there is definitely the hard and soft contrast too. Straight lines and flowing curves. I love getting a comment like that, that helps me to see things I captured in a different way. Keep them coming!

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  1. kat you have a fabulous eye for form and line. I'm enjoying visiting your blog. xo-teri


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