Friday, June 4, 2010

Back from Barcelona

Barcelona is... architecture and color and sangria and Mediterranean breezes and Gaudi and mosaic and art and a wonderful place to spend a long weekend. We had a slow start to our weekend when our flight was cancelled Friday night. We were able to get a new flight early Sunday morning and back Thursday morning so we still had 4 days there to explore and enjoy. I am soooo glad we didn't just throw in the towel when our flight was originally cancelled, because Barcelona is a wonderful city and worth the time to visit.

This first image from Barcelona is a mosaic by Gaudi, in Park Guell. Gorgeous. I loved this method of broken tile mosaic, so colorful and random. I'm going to enjoy going through these pictures!

By the way, I should show you what I had to do to get this shot:A new level I'm will to go to for my photos... down onto the floor! Thanks to my husband Patrick for capturing this "behind the camera" shot.


  1. Well, I think it was worth it, and there is a similar shot of me laying on my back in a field taking a photo of the trees from below. I haven't shared it though! :-)

  2. This is great! Both the mosaic and the way you got the photo. Oh what lengths we go to for art's sake...


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