Friday, June 11, 2010

Fundamental Shift

I came to a surprising realization this morning, that somewhere, sometime in the last year I have made a fundamental shift. I can see this shift in several ways...

In my photography, I have moved from the idea that I'm just capturing our travels to share with family and friends and remember later, to the idea that I'm creating art.

In this blog, I've found my voice, sharing my unique vision of the world around me and my creative journey.

In my self, I have moved from identifying myself as an engineer (my day job for the last 18 years) to identifying myself as an artist.

I am an artist.
Photography is my medium.
I have a unique vision to show the world.

Wow, that feels great to put out there. This is an exciting realization for me. I hope you continue with me on this journey, because who knows where it will lead.

(Photo is the entrance to the Marksburg Castle, outside of Braubach, Germany in the Rhine River Valley.)


  1. You are a fantastic artist (and a fantastic engineer)! I'm loving seeing your art and am inspired by your vision!

  2. you've accomplished so much in making those declarations! congrats and i look so forward to keeping up with your blog! :)

  3. Wow what a incredibly valuable discovery to make... once we own something as part of ourselves it becomes a purposeful intent. You are on your way my friend - pleasant journey:) Terrill

  4. Hooray, you're an artist! Congrats for being able to say so :-)

    It's funny we sometimes hestitate to label ourselves, even when the labels are appropriate. I did the same when I started running. At what point had I run often enough that I could call myself a "runner?" Did I need to do races? If I am too slow, should I say I'm a "jogger" & not a runner? I finally gave up thinking about it. I'm a runner :-)

    You take photos with a sensitivity to their aesthetic quality. You're an artist. I think it might really be that simple :-)

  5. I've been checking out your photos often for the past couple of months. I've always thought of you as an artist and photographer. Your photos are beautifully shot, and they bring me real joy. I am an amateur myself, and just beginning on my journey as a photographer, but hope to continue to get better over time.

  6. Just wanted to say your photos are fantabulous...and of course you are an Artist! I think we all are...but it takes each person time to realize it... congrats on the eureka :)


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