Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh and Juicy

So red. So fresh. So juicy. So delicious. I'm not usually a big cherry fan, but even I like these cherries. We picked them up last week, while driving through the hills outside of Vicenza. We just wanted to see the countryside, and it turns out we were in a region that grows cherries. And they were ripe. And we saw a roadside stand. So, since Patrick loves cherries we did a u-turn back to it and bought their minimum amount for 10 Euro - 3kg (for us Americans, that's 6.6 lbs). That's a lot of cherries!

I took this photo for a photo challenge with the theme of "fresh" and it makes me smile. Maybe it's the color. Maybe it's the story. Not my usual shot, but at least they are Italian cherries!


  1. They look glorious! And I am not a cherry fan, either--hehe! :)

  2. awesome... I can taste the pop of their burgundy juice as I view your photo. my mouth waters with the knowing, the anticipation of their succulent flavour. Fresh cherries are one of my most favourite fruits.

  3. I love cherries. I could eat buckets of them until my cheeks pop. I'm a glutton for the - their sweetness, their color, their shape. They are the perfect fruit to me. Even their pit is good because it slows me down from eating them too fast.


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