Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend is closer to home for us! Yesterday, we figured out the bus to the city center of Monza, the beautiful city that we almost live in. (We are one street from the city limit.) Monza is famous for the Parco di Monza (largest enclosed park in Europe!) and the Autodromo (for all of your big motor sport needs). The city center is a 10 minute bus ride away. A few Monza pictures are here.We found a nice exhibit of art from prints in a little gallery inside a building in the city center, the exhibit was called "il paesaggio Delieato." Amazing to see these prints, some dating back to the 1500's!!! We wandered around the city center, found our way around town, found the train station, and of course, watched a few trains come through. We had a nice lunch on the Lambro river where I had a fabulous assortment of Italian cheeses with marmalade and honey. Mmmmmmm. We'll be spending a lot of time here since we live so close, I'm sure.

This morning Brandon and I drew some pictures. I've been spending more time in some artistic endeavors. Thanks to my sister for giving me some nice pencils and paper for my birthday last year! I've been wanting some color and our shipment hasn't arrived yet, so we went to the

I love that I see things differently when I draw than when I take pictures. It makes me slow down and see the light and shadows on the object, the color, the angle, everything in a more detailed way. It slows me down. Life doesn't have to always be busy.

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