Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Latest with the Living Room

I don't know why, but a priority for me here is decorating the apartment to make it ours! We found a great but LARGE picture on our first IKEA trip, so we had to measure the car to see if we could get it home (we have a tiny little Fiat Idea). Turns out, yes, we could, but pretty much only one of us could go because we needed to put the seats down and it would fill the entire back of the car. So yesterday after work I went to IKEA and picked up the pictures along with the cool red clock I wanted that was out of stock last time. Along with a picture frame for the picture of our nephew (thanks Brookie!) I think we are pretty well set in this room.

So, here it is, what do you think?


  1. That is just perfect!!

    A modern, yet casual living room is a great place for black and white framed art.

    Nice job with this!

  2. Uncle Dan tried to post a comment but was unsuccessful. Do you have to send your blog to him and invite him for that to happen? If so, please do that? I found I have to choose anonymous to post as well. Carolyn

  3. I do like your living room....red, black and white....hmmmm? Bold colors! It's been hot here (big surprise). Love you and miss talking with you. Mom

  4. It all looks DIVINE! Your apt....your adventures...your family...and your cute new shoes! Thanks for sharing! Pamela


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