Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Shoes

The weather has been warming up and I have no shoes to wear to work that don't require socks. Ugh. Too warm! I hate socks in the summer! My feet need to breathe... In Corvallis, I would be wearing my crop pants and Birkenstocks to work if the weather was this warm, but that just isn't quite right here. :)

Today I was in the city center of Vedano al Lambro to put in my application for residency, and there was a street market. These markets move around, every town has one on certain days of the week. They sell food, plants, household items and clothes too! So as I wandered by I took a look and found these cute shoes, so now I can go to work without socks!

(Taken in the park by our house, where we went to play this afternoon.)

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