Friday, May 1, 2009

A beautiful day in Milan

It may just be that I update my blog here once a week. :) That's about the rate I seem to do it! For the everyday updates Patrick's blog is the place to go, and I'll post more pictures periodically.

It was another busy week this week - with our cultural training and meetings in the mornings for Immigration, taxes, setting up a bank account, ordering TV service. There was something almost every day this week! It makes for a tiring and sometimes overwhelming week, but I made it through ok and we are closer to just having "normal life" all set up.

Friday was a holiday in Italy, and the weather was marvelous, so we went into Milan for the day! Patrick said "I've finally seen something in Italy!" because while we've gone into Milan, it was for a meeting and there was no sightseeing. Brandon had been itching to see the Duomo, his smile was amazing. He really wanted to go up on the roof, but it wasn't open, so we'll have to go back. And hey, we have time!

We visited the Duomo, Galleria, Castello, and had lunch and gelato on Via Dante. See pictures of our day in Milan here. We hardly scratched the surface of the city but we had a fun time, enjoyed the sunshine with all of the Italians, and did it without stress. A beautiful day!

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