Monday, September 6, 2010

Reflecting on Growth

Sometimes, something new comes along that shakes up your comfortable little world. Sometimes that something is "bad" - a crisis of some sort - but sometimes it's "good." Either one can shake things up. I'm experiencing a "good" shake up right now, with joining the Mortal Muses. I was working on my first post last night (to be posted tomorrow), and it was more challenging than I thought. It was a different way of working with photos and writing, it was uncomfortable, stretching me in different ways. It feels scary, putting myself out there to a new audience.

It made me realize that I have gotten comfortable here on my blog, with my photographs and words, with my routine every day. And that's a great thing! There is a confidence and freedom that comes with knowing what I am going to do, how I want do it, and loving it each step of the way. But it is also good to stretch, to grow, to run up against those familiar old fears again and battle them down, to see things from a new angle. I can see that I need this new stretch, and it's going to be good for me. We don't grow by staying safe and comfortable.

I am reminded this morning that the right things always seem come along for me when I need them, when I am ready. I just have to be open to receiving their messages. Do you find that true for you too?

(Today's photo from our hotel room in Bath, England. I love the multiple planes and angles that are visible in this image! Kind of looking inside out.)


  1. I agree there seems to be some magical balance and it happens for a reason, kind of thing... that's life!

  2. I truly believe this is the case.
    This is a great post.

  3. I agree, "we don't grow when we stay safe and comfortable" love that statement! Can't wait to get to know you better on MM :)

  4. I do find that sometimes, for no reason, I decided to try something new. Not one to naturally love the nature of change, I like these times. It is like the permission was granted when I wast around. Great post, my friend!

  5. Oh, I love new things, I love change and I love exploring especially if it's something that feels a bit scary because we feel unsure as to whether we can do it or not. Whatever happens you get to learn something and you add another valuable experience to your life story. Good luck in your new endeavors and when you're ready share it with us too :)

  6. great post - so very true. we are so happy to have you on mm. can't wait until tomorrow!

  7. Honestly, I mostly need a big push. A huge one.
    Your words speak to me so much today!
    Thank you.

  8. I'm scared too. I have hired a friend to design a web site that willnot only house my blog but my store! Yikes! I had to take a picture of myself this weekend, way out of my comfort zone. I thought I was handling this adventure well until I had my teeth cleaned and the hygenist pointed ot that my old silver fillings were polished clean...a sure sign of grinding and clenching! I am still moving forward, just sleeping with a bite guard these days! LOL

  9. Lots of wisdom in this post! Yes, stretching, growing, it's not easy for me, but it certainly beats the alternative. I know too many people who do the same exact thing for years and years and seem to be OK with it. I ask you, what kind of a life is that?? The older I get, the more aware I am of the shortness of our days here and the importance of stepping up to opportunities. I look forward to checking out the Mortal Muses!


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