Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top

Did you know, that frosting doesn't exist in Italy? At least not the yummy butter cream frosting we make in the US using lots of confectioner's sugar. In most stores you only find small little packets of confectioner's sugar, like the size of taco seasoning packets, for sprinkling a little bit on top of your sweets. So we were happy to find cupcakes with yummy frosting in England. We stopped into this tea room in the afternoon for a spot of tea and a sweet. Mmmmmm....

And today I have another "sweet" to share with you. Earlier this week my friend Karen gave me a Cherry on Top blog award. How sweet of her! I loved being honored in that way on her blog, and I want to continue the good vibes by fulfilling the requirements of the award myself.
First, thanks go to Karen! Stop by her blog and say hi. She is a wonderful photographer and a talented papercrafter. She is one of my longer-term online friends, we've been sharing our love of photography together since taking an ecourse in 2007.

Second, I am supposed to list three things I love about myself. Why is this so hard to do? Let's see, I love my positive outlook on life, that I make the most of opportunities that come my way, and that I am a good learner. That last one has served me well over and over again in life.

Finally, pass the award along to bloggers you love. This is the very best part, because I've been wanting to share with you some of the amazing inspiration I see every day here in the blogosphere, and this has given me the motivation. I can't list them all, but here are a few that have enjoyed reading on a regular basis.

Gina of Here and Now. I found Gina through the Creative Every Day challenge (which deserves a nod of its own) and have enjoyed getting to know her through her blog of photos and travels. It is her admitted love of chairs, and the fact that I enjoyed seeing her periodic chair pictures, that made me realize that others may not get bored if I post more than one window picture or doorstep picture. In fact, they may even like it. It doesn't all have to be about variety, it's ok to have a "theme" that you are inspired to capture and share. That realization has been part of my creative journey and finding my eye photographically. Thanks for that Gina!

Patty of Nomadic Notebook. I connected to Patty earlier this year through the Flying Lessons e-course, and I love the images and words she posts on her blog. Her words always remind me to live consciously, in the present, and her passion to help others connect with their true selves really resonates with me! I am inspired by what she is doing.

Veronika of Notes to Self. I think I've run into Veronika online in various venues, but I remember specifically finding Veronika's blog because she was commenting on my Croatia photos. Croatia is her home country, and I wanted to see who this was commenting. I was captured by her illustration style and have fallen in love with the words that she adds to them. They add a twist on the image that never fails to captivate me!

While I normally don't participate in chain letter-like emails or notes on Facebook, and this blog award is similar, I couldn't pass up the reminder to say "thanks" to a few of the people who have inspired me with their art or their words.

I hope you all enjoy your cupcakes today, with a cherry on top.


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! It looks like you are enjoying your travels thuroughly!

  2. Mmm cup cake! yum! Love the image and you've beautifully captured the background that adds an essence of the scene. (silhouette of waitress and teapots. how cool is that! Amazing!) And congrats for the award, too! It is nice to know you have connected and inspired by many people via blog. I love veronika's blog too. She has such a talent to combine her illustration and words stunningly. Lovely post Kat, to share your wonderful journey. Thanks. xm

  3. Buttercream is my weakness. I buy birthday cakes just for no reason. :P Have a great day!!!

  4. These are beautiful!
    Congratulations on the Cherry on Top Award!!!
    Well deserved.

  5. I like the component of this award that requires you to find the good in yourself and state it out loud. Too often we can affirm others but not ourselves, and it's so important to nurture what we have within. Congratulations on being someone whom a friend considered worthy of awarding!

  6. Awww, thanks Cat, what an honor to be included in your list :) I love telling stories through my drawings and I'm so glad you like them. I come here every week to feast my eyes on your beautiful photos that also tell stories, I can never get enough of these :)

  7. Wowee zowee, Kat! I am honored to be included in this blog award--it put the cherry on top of my day! I feel like I'm really growing as a photographer, thanks to you and the other creative photographers who share their knowledge and insights. Mille grazie!

  8. Congratulations on the Cherry on Top award. You fully deserve it!!! I always enjoy visiting your blog!

  9. No frosting??? Actually I like just a little frosting on my cupcakes, and usually scrap off half of it, but I do love what's left! Thanks for the links. It's so nice to find new blogs to explore.

  10. I'm not sure you can trust a country that doesn't have buttercream and I KNOW that I could never stay there very long unless I had a direct linve to Duncan Hines...will be praying for you!!!

  11. Kat, I'm a little behind and just reading this - thanks so much for recognizing me and my little blog!! I started out last year so tentatively and now it has become such am important part of my life and a source of connection to so much goodness and so many creative souls like yourself. Thank you!!
    P.S. LOVE those yummy cupcakes!!


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