Monday, September 6, 2010

Mail Time!

Wouldn't you love to get mail in a door like this? I know I would! I loved all of the door letter slots I saw Bath, adding to the door personality. The ones marked LETTERS are cool, but kind of humorous to me. What else would the slot be for? Milk delivery? I found it interesting that much in England is labeled or named. Many houses don't just have an address, they have names like "Victoria House" and "Park View" etched in stone above the door. So I guess it's only fair that the mail slot has equal labeling importance.

And today, it is important because it's Postcard Drawing Day!  Many of you think that today is a holiday in the US because of Labor Day, but this is the real reason, so you can all be online to find out if you won, right away. Too bad I don't speak enough Italian to convince the government here we need a day off for this momentous occasion as well. :)

And the winner is.... Lisa, of the White Cotton Tee photography blog, aka L Gordon on Flickr. There were 42 entries, after eliminating the duplicates and unidentifiable Anonymous "Happy Sunday" comment. And Lisa was number 6! Congrats Lisa, send me your snail mail address and the postcards will be on their way to you.

But, you are all winners, do you know why? Because if you commented to win, I will send you your very own postcard with a personal note. Just send me an email at kat[at]kateyeview[dot]com, identifying your comment and include your snail mail address. Who wouldn't like some mail from Italy? I might even have to order more postcards, perhaps with a window theme as requested. Everyone deserves some happy mail! I enjoyed reading all of the comments and appreciate the participation in this first-ever giveaway of mine. (And don't worry, I promise your personal information will never, ever be shared. I will send the postcards and delete all info!)

Another piece of great news I am excited to share today is that I've joined the Mortal Muses photography site as one of the nine muses. There is a post from one of the nine muses each day, with their photo on the current theme and one from the Flickr pool, where you can participate by uploading your photos for the next theme. I was so excited to see my photo selected a couple of weeks ago in the black and white theme, and now I get to wax poetic once every nine days and be part of this wonderful team of photographers! Come on over and start participating with us.

One final shout out today... My 9-year-old son and I are participating in the Wish.Play.Create playgroup in the wishstudio. You can still join in too! We just finished up the Week 1 project yesterday, Mixed Media Love by Shona Cole. We had fun together playing with paints and coming up with the poses to go with the artwork provided in the class. Brandon said I had to use my own pictures, I couldn't use him, so I had to get in on the fun more than I had planned. I'm glad I did, because this finished card perfectly expresses how I'm feeling right now.
 Up, up and away, borne on the wind of creative dreams.


  1. Another great post! Letters are important to me so I do notice all the different shapes of mail-boxes wherever I go.
    Congrats for the Muse winning. Isn't it everybody's dream to become someone's Muse? I'm looking forward to see more photos from you!
    And what a great idea to be creative with your son! That sounds like fun for sure!!

  2. Fabulous piece of art by you and Brandon. Good for him! My MIL has a mail slot in her front door. Strange that I've never looked at it as a photo opportunity. That will change! And a second congrats on the Muse appointment!

  3. this is so fun Kat! hooray for you for putting yourself in the mix!

  4. What good news! Congrats on being selected a mortal muse--how perfect for you! I love your happy card...up, up, and away!!

  5. Way you go Kat! Like the collage so much. Lovely story of Brendon :) (Plz say hello from me)
    Also congrats for a muse photo. Just been to see your B&W, they are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing the link.
    Interesting you mentioned about those names on the houses and letter boxes etc. When I came first to England, I was just like you, everything I saw was fascinating to me as a foreigner. Now being here over decade, I may have taken this for granted. Now you reminded me that I must not stop being inspired. For that, thank you again! xm

  6. Thank you so very much.
    I am so thrilled!!!


  7. Kat, it says "letters" so that you don't slither little snakes through there...
    Congratulations on the Mortal Muses! I always had the feeling that you and muse go together. That site looks fabulous and I will peek over often.
    Just LOVE your postcard idea. You're such a sweetheart!

  8. My hubby is English and I always feel the same way when we're there - particularly in places Cornwall and Devon where we always spend time (London, too). Very "twee". :)

    What a great idea for a giveaway. I just might have to copy your idea! I'm hopefully going to print my first set of postcards in the next few weeks, and will do an extra couple of sets.

    So lovely having you "on board".

  9. We have a mail slot! I love it. It isn't in the door, but next to the door, and it does say "mail" on it. I think everyone should have one.

  10. Hee hee. You're funny...and it's so true about the labeled mail slot. What else would it be for? So sad I didn't win the drawing, but happy to send you my address! And I love the artwork you 2 made. Happy floating!


  11. What a fun collage you made... I am going to send you my address... how fun to actually get mail! and one of your pictures to boot! Thanks!


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