Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nice, Long Day of Nothing

We had no plans for today. Well, at least Brandon and I didn't. And we had a nice, long day of randomness...

I cleaned up my desk and painting area. I put some pictures into frames and rearranged the shelves in the living room. Went for a bike ride in Parco di Monza. Went over to the neighborhood store for some light and cool food items. Cleaned up and consoled Brandon over a broken plate and lost pancakes. Bought some domain names. Charged my camera batteries. Reformatted a hard disk. Learned to play Poptropica from Brandon. Talked with Patrick for a while about life. Made a CD to listen to in the car. Played Mario Cart with Brandon. Read a book.

All the while, enjoying the fact that there was nowhere we needed to be, no timetable, no trips. A nice little break after the travel of two weeks ago and the work craziness of last week.

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