Friday, August 7, 2009

Movie Night

I've created a monster.

You see, I brought a few Harry Potter books with us to Italy. I've thought for a long time that when Brandon turned 8 years old we would start reading Harry Potter together. So a few weeks ago, I started reading it to him at bedtime. It was so much fun to see how spellbound he became as the story progressed.

Turns out it's been a bit busy and we haven't read enough at bedtime, so Brandon took matters into his own hands and finished reading book 1 this weekend. And then book 2 this week. He's partway through book 3 - but yikes! I only have the first four here. We will have a Harry Potter crisis if I don't do some planning ahead...

So all this week, we planned for tonight as Movie Night since we had no work, no commitments. Brandon had it all planned out... he cleaned all of the cat hair off of the couch pillows, arranged everything just so, set up the snack bar and we were good to go.

I must say, it was fun to see his excitement and planning as much as it was to see the movie again. It was fun to see Brandon's reaction as the story was brought to life. "That's just how I imagined it!" or "That's not like the book."

Aaaah, my little voracious reader. Love it!

(Pretty darn good looking snack bar, huh?)

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