Monday, August 3, 2009

Barrettes are back!

It used to be, that I always had my hair back in a barrette or a pony tail. I hated the feel of my hair on my face. Then, a few years ago I got it cut short and finally found a fantastic stylist (Hey, Karla!) and was able to keep a short style I like that didn't involve any sort of hair equipment. You know what I mean, barrettes, hair bands, etc.

But here I am now in Italy. With no hairstylist and not enough vocabulary to really describe what I want. I haven't had a haircut since March 30, except for me trimming a few bangs. So with the longer hair comes the desire to pull my hair back again, right now with a barrette and eventually into a pony tail. So, the barrettes are back for the moment. Until I decide otherwise. Thought you all needed to know.


  1. I think I've gone almost that long without a cut too. I've been rockin' some really happening headbands the last two weeks, because my bangs are still not long enough for barrettes.

  2. You look lovely, no matter what your style!


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