Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are Dragons Real?

In Slovenia, they are. This is my current favorite pic from our trip. I took it in Ljubljana, the capital city in Slovenia. It's one of the dragons on the Dragon Bridge in the old part of the city. I just loved these dragons! They were so full of life and energy. I have never seen a mythical creature look so lifelike, they looked like they were ready to launch into the air. For some reason, they just make me smile.

I'm sure I'll have more favorites when I eventually sort through pics, but I wanted to share this one.

This morning I painted, getting back to my painting started before the last trip. I love seeing what emerges after a session of painting. I step back and look after I've washed my brushes and its like I can see the picture emerging, gaining life. I've figured out it's all in the light and shadows. When I used to paint, way back in high school, I used to stay very light all of the time, afraid of ruining something by going to dark. What I see now is that it's the dark, the shadows, that make you see the light. It's what makes something pop out at you. With only light you never get any depth or dimension.

I think this has parallels with our life, without the dark we can't really see what we have in the light, we would be dimensionless. Both are needed for truth.

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  1. Reading your post made me think of Mrs Who and her quotations on light and dark in a Wrinkle in Time.


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