Friday, January 30, 2009

Pinewood Derby Night!

The biggest night of the year for the Cub Scouts (and their Dads)! Brandon's car this year was a Crunch bar. He won the "Shiniest" award and came in 6th overall. Quite an improvement over last years placement.

Here are a few pics of the race night...

Look at the excitement on those faces!Last race of the evening...So much BOY energy in one place!
It was a fun evening overall. Last year I got there late, so I didn't realize the work that goes on before the cars are even checked in to get them just perfect on the weight - you want to be 5 oz and not a bit over! The drills, superglue, weights, glue guns were all out and in use until all of the cars were checked in.

Patrick decided at the very last minute (I mean, walking out the door last minute) to "make" a car. He took a pinewood derby car kit, took it out of the box, attached the wheels and wrote on it with a permanent marker. That's it. The funny part was, Brandon wanted to color it with the marker. He said, "Dad, let me do it, since you did the other car!" Shhhhh, Brandon, don't let them hear you say that at the race! It's supposed to be the Cub Scout who makes the car...

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