Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No News

There is no news on the Italy front. There is work going on to get the documentation that we need but it is all up in the air. Our trip that was planned for next week is definitely cancelled - I was holding out a tiny sliver of hope that we could shake things up at work with the documentation once we got back but there's just no possible way to pull it off this week.

I had a hair cut appointment tonight and made another one 6 weeks out... I keeping thinking maybe I'll have to cancel the next appointment but no such luck. :)

It sounds like Tasha is doing well in Colorado with Heather and family. She has become attached to Heather. That is good to hear! We miss her. Here's a pic of Stevie I took on Sunday to play around with my camera download settings, isn't he a pretty kitty?

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