Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Inauguration Day Story

I was just chatting with Brandon about his day. He was excited, they watched the inauguration news coverage all day at school. Brandon has been interested in the election even way back in the primary. Whenever you asked him about it, he would say "I would vote for Barack Obama."

So then later today...

There is a new house for sale up the street, someone Brandon knows from school. He asked Patrick why they were moving. Patrick told him because the dad lost his job. Brandon answered, "Don't worry."
"Why?" Patrick asked.
"Because Barack Obama promised everyone a job."

So he not only watched the inauguration, he listened and remembered. I don't remember ever being interested in election coverage or inaugurations... I mean, at his age, they were just messing up my shows on TV!

This truly is a historic day. President Obama has inspired the nation in an amazing way, including the second graders.

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