Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And this time, with Color

As I go through teaching Find Your Eye, I am following my students in their assessments of their eye and rediscovering mine all over again. It's been a wonderful experience. I've been able to define my style even further, to state that my best images have an element of line, color or texture. Yesterday's images were about line, devoid of color. Today I'll show you more of the dance center Kirstin took me to - the inside is all about line and color together! 

Such wonderful, bright colors, green and pinks together. Lockers of green, walls of pink. Hallways of green. Everything bright, cheery and open. Can I come study here?

I even played around with bokeh lines. How's that for some influence from my muses

Even wavy lines to catch my eye! There is a companion photo to this one, of me, floating around on Kirstin's memory card. 

Thanks again Kirstin! I hope you all enjoy this little bit of summer color today. I'm off to photograph some more fog this morning in the park. 


  1. It's lovely to see your fabulous colours back. I love the one of Kirsten and the wavy line - brilliant composition. What a shame there wasn't a plain coloured wall behind her!

  2. Wow! Such fantastic color and line. Love these Kat! So glad you had a fun visit with Kirstin. Wish I'd been right there.

  3. Beautiful images and beautiful color! I'm so glad you shared these.

  4. The bright colors are full of energy and life! I especially love the locker image. What a fun photo outing you had!

  5. I love these shots! What a great school to work in! I'll have to take a walk around my school (on my break) to see what I can come up with too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Oh how I love these! Thank you Kat.

  7. Love these - color makes me happy- and the one with the that.

  8. I am laughing because I saw a photo in my mind last weekend and it involves the ladies bathroom and can't figure how to get DH in there without being thrown in jail. Tried to do it at home, but just can't get the right look.
    Not giving up because when you see it, you have GOT to do it. Great inspiration, Miss K!

  9. Great photos, love the colors and the detail in the photos.

  10. These are great Kat, and I love the colors!
    Love the bokeh lines!!
    Thank you so much for sharing them at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. Great colors and compositions!

  12. hi kat..... fabulous color and lines...and so happy you asked for what you hoped for...and it worked. :)

    wonderful... xxo, Kim


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