Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Share Your View: Breaking the Rule of Thirds

What have you discovered in the last week since the Exploring with a Camera: Breaking the Rule of Thirds post? Do you follow or break the rule of thirds most often? Link in below and let's take a look! I saved this image from Via dell'Amore for today because it was a perfect illustration of the rule of thirds along with the love-lock tradition I talked about in yesterday's post.

When you link in your examples of following and breaking the rule of thirds in the link below, and you have two chances to win. I'm giving away the "C is for Camera" notebook below and Tammy Lee Bradley of Bliss and Folly has joined in to giveaway a Vintage Camera trio - head over to her blog here to see how to enter for her fabulous giveaway. Thanks so much Tammy for sharing the love with us!

So, without further ado, please share your view! Link in below or click the thumbnails to see the other great examples shared so far. Thanks so much for participating! You can find the code for the Exploring with a Camera button here, if you want to share the love on your blog too.

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