Monday, March 22, 2010

The Stories Pictures Tell

Usually I don't have my camera on me when I walk Brandon to school. This day, because I was going to go take pictures of the park in the snow after I dropped him off, I did. I love this picture of Brandon, because of the story it tells. The story of a boy, 8 years old, walking to school. The story of our morning walks on this road to school with no sidewalk, small Italian cars zooming by and other kids on their way to school. The story of where we live right now, with the bell tower in the distance and Italian cross-walk sign. The story of this morning, where it snowed in March and I decided to enjoy it creatively instead of being annoyed by it. All of those stories in one photograph. Amazing.

I have been thinking of the stories of my photos because I've found this fun website, Creative Every Day, which has a year long challenge. The theme for March is stories. I'm finding it interesting to participate and think about my art and creativity in light of this month's theme, and to see what others are doing. If you are similarly interested, check it out!

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