Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Nod to Spring

When I left Oregon a week ago, the plum trees were in full bloom. I love the pink blossoms that give a sudden burst of color in the sky against the green and the brown of Oregon winter. So today's photo and banner change is a nod to spring in Oregon, and a hope that it begins here in Italy soon. (For those of you who read my blog in a reader, come visit to see the spring-y banner!)

I'm trying to get back into the groove of daily blog posts, hopefully this week will be back to normal!


  1. Hi Kat,
    I love your photos, particularly the plum trees. I became a follower and posted your site on Twitter so others would look at your work.
    Warm regards,
    Janice Haynes

  2. Thanks Janice! Welcome! Thank you for sharing the site with others too.

  3. This is my favorite flower of all time after having lived in the DC area for the last seven years. It's lovely.


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