Monday, March 15, 2010

Evening Window

Evening comes slowly on, the light fading to a beautiful glow over the palm trees. The city, the sea, the trees.

We were back in our room at the hostel in Nice early on Saturday because Brandon wasn't feeling well and wanted to nap. I was trying to capture the view and evening light from our window but couldn't quite get the angle I wanted with the palm tree and cityscape and sea all in there. Until I noticed the reflection in the window, just perfect. With a window to frame it all and give it a sense of place.

Sometimes it takes a problem to come up with a creative solution. You don't think you want the problem to begin with, until you see the solution and realize that you would never have gotten to that place any other way. That's what I see in this image, a much more interesting story than if I could have lined up the palm tree just right with the city and sea. Lucky me!

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