Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where is the rain?

Have you ever bought something new to wear, and the weather will just not cooperate? I found some cute rain boots in Venice last weekend. I'm ready for the rain, and can now walk Brandon to school without getting soaking wet. So where did the rain go? I want to wear my cute new boots! I love these!

A self-portrait op presented itself, at the front door of our apartment building. Me and my Italian look, except I should be wearing black boots and not colorful rain boots. That's just me. :)

But maybe when it rains buckets for a few days I'll see more of the Italian rain boot fashion out and about. There are quite few rain boot choices for women here. Much better than in Oregon, where you would think you could find cute rain boots...


  1. Cute! I love colorful rain boots. They brighten an otherwise dreary day.

  2. Hi I'm over from Shutter Sister's. These boots just make me smile


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