Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Simple Joys of Childhood

One of the simplest joys of childhood, and maybe in life, is swinging... the breeze on your face, the momentary feeling of weightlessness, the view from the heights. When we see a park while we are travelling, we usually have to stop for some good swing time for Brandon. This was taken in Bacharach, Germany during our trip to the Rhine River Valley in July.

Today is a momentous day for my Italian adventure: I'm finally getting a haircut! After almost 8 months of putting it off, and not being able to get in with my stylist during my December trip to Corvallis for work, I am braving the complicated discussion of hair that is too thick, lengths, layers, styles. It's just gotten to the point of unmanageable, as you've probably seen in random pictures on Patrick's blog.

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