Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finding the Contrast

Number 9
Number 9 by tim mcmurdo

Sometimes, an Exploring with a Camera topic really strikes a chord with me and with all of you. Visual Contrast is definitely one of those times! It's funny, I never quite know what is going to happen on a topic until I put it out into the world. I love how you all have run with this one, finding so many different kinds of contrasts in your images. I loved looking through the Flickr pool and I'm still visiting links, so I'll be by shortly to say hi if you haven't heard from me. 

Tomorrow we'll move on to a new exploration, look at form in our photography. Not sure what I mean by that? Come back tomorrow and find out! You can also find me on Mortal Muses this morning, as we begin musing about shapes. I found the most amazing shapes created by light and liquid over the weekend that I'm sharing there today.

{218/365} Fading
{218/365} Fading by jennifée

Jennifée says: I find it interesting how nature contains all stages of life at the same time - both vibrantly alive and slowly dying, like here.

In the Crane's Shadow {235/365}
In the Crane's Shadow {235/365} by Dorian Susan
Dorian Susan says: Lobster boat dwarfed by huge cranes at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard creates a contrast of big and small, industrial vs. simplicity of the common working man.


  1. Hi Kat,

    So pleased you enjoyed your stay on my island!

    These pics you chose to share with us create lovely visual contrasts of both composition and style.

    Thank you,
    Sue x

  2. I love the topic of contrasts -- it's so broad I could post about it every day! The examples here are lovely.

  3. I really like #9. It surprised me.

  4. Aw, thank you for featuring my image! Love the other examples you picked out - I'm particularly fascinated by the lines and atmosphere in the crane image.

  5. Thank you for featuring Number 9. I really appreciate the effort that you put into the photography community.


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