Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wait is Over

The Crossing Guard
The Crossing Guard by tim mcmurdo

Well, our Waiting to Click is over for now. How did it go? I enjoyed seeing all of the images in the link up and the Flickr pool, thanks for your participation. You were waiting on everything from animals to people to water to the sun!  This is not the easiest concept to come up with a picture on demand, so I hope if weren't able to capture something now you'll be aware of the movement and change in our world  and see more photographic opportunities in the future.

Tomorrow will be a new Exporing with a Camera post, and we'll be exploring how to get our subjects Rimmed with Light. See you then!

Where you go, I shall follow  . . .

Where you go, I shall follow  . . . by Bella ❤

Colonists marching
Colonists marching by Phyl H


  1. Awesome shots - I'm looking forward to your next post so I can figure out how to get a good shot!

  2. amazing shots. that first one is so perfect!

  3. I love the one of the ducks. The reflections are wonderful.

  4. Thank you for publishing my picture here !! Bella


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