Monday, April 11, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I'm over at Mortal Muses today musing on repeating patterns, a perfect opportunity to share a couple of images of the Byzantine mosaics from Ravenna. I think my favorite mosaics are the patterns that decorate the borders and arches, like this one above. I love how these patterns continue infinitely, and how the artist used light and dark colors to give volume to an otherwise flat shape. All this with pieces of glass!

Many of the artistic principles that make a beautiful mosaic are no different than for painting or photography. It's the execution of the mosaic, however, with its little bits and pieces combined into a larger and cohesive whole that makes it so amazing. All works of art are built up from the combination of bits and pieces, but the mosaic makes this obvious in a way that other art forms don't. Maybe that's what makes them special, what makes me look closer to see the details created centuries ago, with tiny bits of glass. I hope you enjoy today's images, both here and over at Mortal Muses.

PS - Did you miss my announcement yesterday? If so, head on over here and check out what you missed!


  1. I love the detail and design in mosaics -- the ones in Ravenna are especially beautiful! The colors and patterns in your photo are so lovely...I want to see more please.

  2. Mosaics take such patience! Lovely shot. :)


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