Monday, November 22, 2010

Pieces of the Puzzle

In the last day, I learned something new. Another piece of the puzzle that is me, my creativity, my art fell into place. I started to see how the exploration of other art provides insight into my own. Influences my own. Directly.

In September, during my solo weekend trip to Paris, I recognized that I was really drawn to colorful abstract paintings. In a post on that observation, I wrote:
What does this mean for my art, my view of the world? What does the appeal of color and form and abstraction tell me? I don't know now, but I do know it will show up in some way.
Well, here it is, in the form of the colorful abstract images I captured in Burano a couple of weeks ago. My desire to capture color for color's sake, the interest in the color and form as the primary elements of the photograph.

I've known for some time, that seeing art in its various forms has been a huge influence on me during my time for Italy. I've known that this is an important part of my creative journey. I've just never recognized the direct link between the two like this - the viewing/observation of an interest in other art and then the relationship to it in my own.

I think many people believe that my creative inspiration is all Italy. "Of course your photography is beautiful/great/improving, you're in Italy!" I hear. But I know that's not true. Being in Italy has helped me for sure, but only because it's caused me to take an active role in exploring and observing and creating, and then learning from it all.  I believe that you can too, no matter where you are in the world.


  1. Ditto, I'm fascinated by what I see everyday just through one window. The changes and possibilities are endless! Then to venture somewhere else with new cultures, light and colours - WOW It all feeds the artist's eye and results in our own unique story telling.

    I look forward to your art explorations.

    Sue x

  2. I completely agree. There is beauty everywhere and in the smallest things, and while this sounds trite it is the cornerstone of my world. I go for walks and focus on the tiniest things - the way a piece of paper is crumbled on the ground and how the dirt and rain make it look just the way I would paint it to look. The idea is to see those things with your mind.

  3. I also love colour. One of my favourite artists is a Scot, John Lowrie Morrison (known as JoLoMo), because he sees vibrant colour in scenes that are probably quite dull. I think you'll find it wherever you look, as long as you keep looking, regardless of the country you're in.

  4. Wonderful post! I think you hit one thing head-on, learning to look at what is around us and seeing the beauty that is there. We become desensitized to our immediate surroundings and quickly go through the paces... we need to just slow down and observe the beautiful world around us!

  5. It pains me to say it but color can make me crazy. It blinds me, and doesn't feel my soul that way b&w does. I know I am the odd one out. Everything photo I have hanging in my house is b&w. It soothes me where with color, I feel like I am being screamed at.
    You are wonderful no matter the country, you have taught me so much and then I just convert it to b&w. Thanks Miss K!

  6. There's been something special about all the photos you've taken in all the different countries you've visited over the last few months so I also think that being in Italy is not the only factor. I get the feeling that the biggest factor in your creative journey has been this desire to capture, create and share, as simple as that :)

  7. What a fantastic post!

    If you will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I hope it is a wonderful one for you.


  8. ohmigosh-beautiful! and peeked below, too-the images and colors are beautiful and i love the chess set.... peaceful. love your banner, too.
    i found the same impulses, myself, and set out to create 2 more blogs to reflect different paths my photography was taking and to see where it would go... then the kids needed clean clothes, dinner and a ride to school and i neglected those two, telling me i love my primary space first. {i still peep in to my other sites, tho!} :)
    i'm off to nose around your lovely site... so glad you stopped by my blog today!


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