Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Inspires You?

Maybe it's light coming in through the window, maybe it's color, maybe it's a wonderful quote. What is it that makes you want to perfect your craft, become a better person, explore new things? We all have different sources of inspiration. I was inspired a few weeks ago by this random composition in my window after I was done playing around with capturing the plant shadows. Lines and light and plants peeking out, it was interesting to me.

Today I'm musing on inspiration over at Mortal Muses. We're in the second day of 9 Days of Inspiration, with lots of giveaways - every day! Come on over and comment to enter. Also visit our More Musing site, where today's post of Muse University - a repost of this week's Exploring with a Camera on Rain - has an awesome giveaway for rainy day photography! Every day for the next 9 (well, now 8) days you will see inspiring posts from amazing women around the internet on the More Musing site in addition to the usual daily inspiration from Mortal Muses. Hope to see you all over there.

Today's update on the piles: Thanks for all of the advice yesterday, last night I took it easy and just talked to a friend, then put my feet up and watched a movie and read for a while. Today the piles are slowly disappearing as I work through the house, but I've also made pancakes with my son and done some other organizing, so it's all been good. In the words of one commenter: What needs to get done, will get done, with plenty of time. :)


  1. loved your post over at MM today!

  2. Inspiration comes more freely with sinus infections are kicking my butt but it does give you time to think and am imaging with the holiday coming, looking at some of the back Stories. Would love to do a photo journal piece at the Mall. The comings and goings, hustle and bustle. Will take a day and do just that...that is if I ever get off the couch again!

  3. LOVED your post at MM - completely inspired me!


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