Saturday, May 1, 2010

What do these colors make you think of?

Today my son Brandon picked out the picture for the post. This is part of a building and window in, where else, Burano! I loved the bright, unlikely color combination and the hint of the items for sale in the shop window.

I asked Brandon what these colors make him think of, and he answered flowers. My answer is: they remind me of a party! How about you? What do these colors make you think of?


  1. It reminds me of a beach town in Cozumel or St Thomas or somewhere where theres nothing to do except soak in the sun and read a good book!

  2. That's a wonderful shot, and I just see the vividness and fruitfullness of the life of those that live around there, with colours so bright reflecting their thoughts. Thanks for the share, it is absolutetly amazing.

  3. For some reason they made me instantly think of ice-cream.

  4. (HA!) lets see.. a play school, India.. Portugal too:) - Cool take!

  5. Interesting juxtaposition; I thought of a circus...


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