Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Spaces

I love art galleries. The light, the spaces. A well done art museum provides a place that is interesting and stimulating but also keeps the focus on the artist's work. Designing a gallery is an art form in itself! This is the Musee Marc Chagall in Nice, France. I love the colors that he uses, so bold and bright. The space was also beautifully done, to display his work and to learn about his life. I wish more museums would let you take pictures. I don't want to take pictures of the art itself, I can buy a postcard or print if I want that, but I want to capture the spaces the art is displayed in.

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  1. That gallery looks beautiful. I usually leave art galleries with a headache, I get so absorbed and try to drink in all that visual goodness. So, an uncluttered gallery means I get to hang out longer.

    I love the clean look of this gallery, all that white space around the art. And it's Chagall! He's one of my art heroes, I have to go there someday.


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